Lunacy Is Taking Hold in America


It’s important for people to hear this next story of a bakery in Portland, Oregon. It’s the perfect encapsulation of how our country is currently rotting from within.

Two employees were fired from the “Back to Eden Bakery” in Northeast Portland after they refused to serve a black woman who sneaked in after the business had closed. She is an activist who did it deliberately to start trouble.

Shortly before the employees told her she was too late to be served, they also told white customers to leave for the same reason.

As planned, the woman started a lot of trouble.

The bakery issued several pleading, public apologies and then fired the two employees. This was despite the fact that the bakery owners admitted the employees were following the company policy.

In one Facebook post, the bakery’s co-owner, spouting the appropriate PC language, wrote, “We are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country.”


In one statement, “Back To Eden Bakery” says that according to its own surveillance video, a black woman named “Lillian”, who is well known in the area as a “professional equity activist”, entered at 9:06 p.m., after the bakery’s closing time. Employees had also turned off the “Open” sign, but several customers (all white) who had already ordered were still inside. Two other white women who went to the bakery two minutes before “Lillian”, were also informed that the business was closed for the night.

The bakery says “Lillian” left the store briefly and began recording video.

The bakery’s statement admits the employees are not racist and were following protocol. But, they fired them because “sometimes impact outweighs intent.”

That is literally insane. Americans now have to allow any person to come past closing if they are of a certain skin color?

The black “professional equity activist” was obviously setting up the employees and the business owners. But that’s okay in our new crazy America. We reward that.

Ms. Green was live streaming on Facebook from outside the bakery. … “I’m going to put this on Facebook and I’m going to blast their ass,” Green says. “They can live that life but they’re about to get all blasted on Facebook.” Later, from home, Green made another video. “I want to tell you about a disturbing, heart wrenching experience I had,” she says.

She’s a nasty witch who won this battle of sorts because of her skin color. The fools in Portland supported her in her miserable efforts.

The owners of the bakery are mentally ill.

Two young women were fired for no good reason at all and a vicious troublemaker got her way.

The bakery’s owner wrote this irrational pc garbage on Facebook:

In this situation it doesn’t really matter that the two staff members working are not themselves racist because the call they made to deny Lillian service caused her to feel like she had been discriminated against. Sometimes impact outweighs intent and when that happens people do need to be held accountable. Since both Lillian and the clamoring public were demanding that these staff members be fired that it is what we did putting these two young women out of work.

The troublemaker demanded the women be fired and the owner did it.

This is America today and Americans of all races with good values and some common sense better start standing up against this. The cost now will be far less than it will be down the road.

This is very serious.

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