MA Judge Indicted for Helping a Criminal Illegal Alien Evade ICE


An activist Massachusetts Judge named Shelley Richmond Joseph helped a twice-deported criminal illegal alien evade an ICE arrest by helping him out the back door. She was indicted on Thursday for blocking ICE agents.

Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph

She refused a plea deal. Federal prosecutors charged the 51-year-old judge with obstruction of justice for the incident which took place on April 2, 2018.

This is a tough case in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has aggressively fought to restrict ICE’s ability to enforce immigration law, according to Daily Caller.

We’ve heard rumors of, you know, judges doing this or that, I don’t want to identify them, but this was the first time we have come across an instance where, one, as alleged in the indictment, we thought it was clearly criminal, and two, we think we can prove it,” the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling, told WGBH radio, The New York Times reported.

When an ICE officer arrived at the Newton District Court to apprehend Jose Medina-Perez, an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic, Judge Shelley sneaked him out the back.

Medina-Perez has been deported twice and has an arrest record for narcotics and DUI.

She even turned off the recorder to discuss releasing Medina out the back door, which is in direct violation of Massachusetts rules. Even avid immigration activists are reluctant to defend her.


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