Traitorous John Kerry declares Americans voted for The Great Reset


Speaking recently at the World Economic Forum (see video), John Kerry praised American citizens for supporting a “Great Reset” by electing Joe Biden. The Great Reset is treason. It’s a neo-communist movement.

He also seems quite disturbed that so many Americans voted to re-elect President Trump.

“What astounds me,” he said at the Nov. 24 virtual meeting, “is that as many people still voted for the level of chaos, and breach of law and order, and breaking the standards.”

Hanoi John, a far-left super wealthy elitist, blamed Trump’s popularity on “rising nationalistic populism,” which Kerry further blamed on democratic governments failing to “deliver” what the population demands.

“I just have to put it bluntly,” he told the forum’s moderator. “We are exhibit number one.”

America has been given a “reprieve” after voters elected Joe Biden, Kerry continued, but the idea of a “reset” is now “more important than ever before.”

He said it’s not enough to just join the Paris Accord.

That’s the agreement that failed. It failed because other countries wanted our money, and without that, they were uninterested. The Accord is massive wealth redistribution. Kerry, who will be in charge of climate change initiatives under Biden, plans to put climate change extremism into every agency of government.

Kerry is going to work with his good friend in China on climate change. He thinks he got China to work with him. All they did was agree to continue doing what they’re doing — building coal plants — and start to address climate change in 2030. In other words, they agreed to nothing.

The ultra-wealthy Kerry thinks Biden will unite Americans by talking with them. The man can’t talk. He’s senile.

Kerry was always a traitor. He’s a communist.


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Recon Czar
Recon Czar
3 years ago

The globalists are unelected and self-appointed because they have endless amounts of cash and a loud megaphone of fifth columnists known as the enemedia.
The NGOs are accountable to no one and do end runs around all governments, constitutions and treaties.
Hanoi Heinz probably wouldn’t throw medals awarded from China into the reflecting pool.

Greg Harrod
Greg Harrod
3 years ago

“rising nationalistic populism,” ????? Why, he says that like it’s a BAD thing!!! NOBODY is going to look out for America and Americans except US AMERICANS!!! That back-stabbing traitorous sell-out Kerry KNOWS THAT, and hates us for it!!!

Paul L
Paul L
3 years ago
Reply to  Greg Harrod

Kerry the Fascist Communist Traitor. The sooner he becomes a fading nobody the better.