Madness: Squatter Forums Tell You How to Invade a Home


Let’s face it. Homeownership is very unimportant to some of these new Democrats. They don’t care about your property, won’t punish people who take it or destroy it, and let people occupy it if they want to. It’s only a matter of time before things grow darker and more violent. The insanity has cost a woman in Manhattan her life at the hands of two squatters.

Victim Nadia Vitel and one of the suspected murderers, a 19-year-old who identified himself as Halley Tejada.

Property offenses are downgraded in some cities or ignored completely. Stores are robbed in out-of-control crime sprees.

The Squatter Forums

There are forums for squatters who are invading thousands of homes. You can’t get rid of them without spending a lot of money on lawyers.

This has led to a host of internet forums and dark web pages devoted to the subject, offering a fascinating “dummies guide” to getting into someone else’s house and establishing a right to be there.

People on these forums say there is a housing shortage, and this can’t be stopped.

One occupier expert said they place a for sale/rent sign on a property with a phone number attached to a burner cellphone. The home is unmonitored and prime for possession if there’s no response.

Some check real estate listings.

Adverse Possession

The legal term for squatting is “adverse possession,” and rules allowing it are established in all 50 states. The exact rules differ from state to state, but in many, a squatter can make an ownership claim on a property if they’ve lived there openly for a certain period and satisfy other requirements.

In New York City, they can after a month, so don’t go on any long vacations.

We already discussed the illegal alien TikTokker, who told foreigners coming illegally how to go about squatting. He made a point of saying no one can stop them.

Assemblyman Jake Rosencranz is trying to stop this:

Watch this, it’s crazy:

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