Magnanimous McConnell says let’s give Trump 2 weeks to prepare for trial


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed waiting two weeks to put Donald J. Trump on trial so the former president has two weeks to prepare. Isn’t that big of this traitorous scoundrel?

In our estimation, McConnell really wants the Senate to have time to convince 17 Republicans to vote for impeachment. Currently, nine will vote to impeach.

At this point, let’s form a third party. What’s the difference? Most of the Republicans are worthless. There is talk of President Trump forming a Patriot’s Party, but he is probably not serious.

Speaker Pelosi has delayed sending the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. That’s probably so McConnell can talk senators into voting for impeachment. That’s Sentinel guesswork, but I think I’m right. McConnell is a nasty guy, you know.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and McConnell are expected to discuss trial logistics later Thursday, multiple sources told CNN.

The question of who will represent Trump remains unanswered. He should just ignore it. It was an unAmerican rushed trial with no defense, no due process, and it is not legitimate.

They’re phrasing it as them being magnanimous giving President Trump two weeks to prepare, but it’s really to give themselves two weeks.

Obviously, McConnell wants to go back to business as usual with Trump out of the way. However, that won’t happen. The party will implode.

These politicians are dirtbags.



  1. Every Republican that votes to impeach Donald Trump will be defeated in their next bid for reelection. Liz Cheney is already suffering from ramifications of her asinine vote in the House.

    Mitch McConnell is sucking up to the Biden administration and to the Chinese. (Since his wife is Chinese, he would have hell to pay at home if he didn’t kiss some Chinese ass.

    • I agree that every conservative voting for impeachment will get primaried. Even if they survive it, their turnout in the general election will fall, creating a likely democratic pickup seat. Impeaching the president who just got 75 million votes is an absolutely foolish move for Republicans. Never mind the total lack of evidence. He never asked anyone to riot or break the law. He specifically asked for peaceful demonstrations. Zero evidence for impeachment.

      On McConnell, I’ll take a less popular but more optimistic approach, for now. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I think he has done a brilliant job as a conservative in the Senate, prior to Trump’s election woes. I think McConnell could be playing the long game, here. He pretends to go along with impeachment, stalls the process while asking for the most favorable Senate rules that the minority party can get, and then finally “fails” to secure the votes to impeach. He whines and says he tried. But perhaps he was never sincere about impeachment. I think he’s retiring, so it’s possible he is pretending to play along with the dems for the benefit of his party, at the cost of angering people who don’t understand his cunning.

      Now, as for Chinese derrière, I can only say if you’ve never experienced its monumentally uplifting power, class and truly exquisite beauty, you have my most sincere sympathy. Turn that up to 11! Total Game-changer. Convinced me to become a traveler of Asia, and then eventually a very lucky, happily married man!

      • Nonsense, your fake hero Mitch obstructed investigations of coup #1 and coup #2, an incredible failure to his oath and the nation. We don’t fall for that “long game” nonsense here. That was the same ploy used when Sessions and Barr were betraying the nation. You are the one who lacks understanding, as we can see in your writing. Plus you fill your post with speculation, creating more fiction.

        Sure Mitch is cunning, he has several hundred million dollars more than when he entered the senate. That happened when he was bought off by China in 1993, as one of the very first officials to do that.

        Your propaganda cannot erase the mass violation of human rights in China, please go live there, ethics and morals are not your concern.

        • You could easily be right. It is entirely speculation on my part. Mitch has done a great job of getting Constitutionalists confirmed to the judiciary. But he could end up being an enormous disappointment and failure in the 2nd impeachment sham. We’ll soon see.

          As for China, I don’t plan to live there as I don’t agree with the CCP, and I do care about ethnics and morals. I do, however, enjoy visiting other parts of Asia and look forward to spending many years of my retirement living and traveling there. There are wonderful, beautiful, staunchly pro-American people and places, throughout the Asian continent. As long as the communist dems in America keep violently destroying things here, I really won’t be missing a lot of this madness.

  2. The sharp swords in the armory of the glorious people’s republic of Kentucky will vote for Turkey Neck again next cycle.

    • Mitch is so deep in the corruption that he must continually support DC corruption. The main betrayers of America know what they are doing, we see that in their actions.

  3. So tell me again, how do you remove someone from office if they are no longer in office? Congress is not a court of law. They have no power to convict anyone of a criminal offense. This is total BS and everyone knows it.

  4. Why are all these Republicans bitching about Biden. Many of them were saying how great it would be to work with their fellow Senator.

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