Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Air Monday’s Press Conference


Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held a press briefing Monday and after weeks of complaining, most major networks did not cover it live even though Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and National Security Adviser John Bolton were present to give updates.

They didn’t think this was important, but CNN did consider the town hall with the hard-left Kamala Harris a top priority. They carried that live in primetime and we all got to hear how she wants all our stuff and all our money. During the town hall, she described her wholly unAmerican Communist platform. They do not want to hear from this administration.

There was some back-and-forth during the press conference with Sarah Sanders that many will not get to see.

Sanders was pressed by a reporter on “influential conservatives” who are saying the President made concessions although he said he didn’t.

“Because he originally said that he would not sign any legislation that did not include money for the border wall, And then he went ahead and did that. And granted it only keeps the government open the next three weeks, he said he wouldn’t do that either,” the reporter added. “So how can the president say that he made absolutely no concessions to Democrats on this legislation?”

“Because the conversations are still ongoing,” Sanders replied.

“And I would argue that conservatives that actually have influence have supported the president throughout this process,” the press secretary jabbed.

“They believe in border security, they believe in protecting Americans just like the President. They stand with him,” she added. “Again, this is a simple fix. It’s easy for Democrats to sit down and come to an agreement and work with us to get border security.”

The “influential conservatives” are people like Ann Coulter and Mike Cernovich. Who will they cheer for without President Trump? The hard-left Democrats?


There was a light moment when Sanders had to get away from a reporter asking idiotic questions and Sanders moved on to Jim Acosta.

“I never thought I would be shutting down one reporter to go to Jim Acosta, but here we are.”

Then Acosta spoiled it and asked one of his typical questions.


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