Major Dem/Biden Donor takes $100,000 from Red China


Prominent Democratic group, American Bridge, is poised to spend millions, $50 million to be precise, backing former vice president Joe Biden. They received $100,000 in the form of stock shares in the Chinese technology giant Baidu from an anonymous donor, Free Beacon reports.

Baidu, like many Chinese technology companies, is closely affiliated with China’s ruling Communist Party. No company exists in China unless they are tied to the Chinese Communist Party and its ruling class. This company is China’s Google and operates only under a decree by the Chinese Communist Party.

David Brock, a Soros operative, is the founder of American Bridge, which reported the receipt of the 450 shares in late 2018, a gift that was disclosed in its latest tax filings.

David Brock, Democratic dirty tricks guy, funded by George Soros.
David Brock, Democratic dirty tricks guy, funded by George Soros.

The multinational internet services company acts as China’s Google and operates under a degree of state party control. The gift was valued at $101,037, according to the organization’s Form 990. It is unclear whether the group sold the stock or opted to retain it in the hope share prices would rise.

While the U.S. financial sector has money tied up in Baidu, political parties should not be accepting gifts from them.

But China knows an investment in senile Joe and the Democrat Party is well worth the investment.

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