Malevolent Liz Butts Into Ohio Elections, Backs Far-Left Tim Ryan


Former Republican Liz Cheney hates Donald Trump so much that she will campaign for anyone who even remotely supports Donald Trump. She is backing far-left Tim Ryan in Ohio. She’s a DC swamp critter who was elected in Wyoming.

Malevolent Liz is on a revenge mission and doesn’t care if she destroys the Constitution, as she supports far-left Democrats. She is backing far-left and fake moderate Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio.

“I would not vote for J.D. Vance,” Cheney told journalist Judy Woodruff at a discussion about the state of the nation at Cleveland State University.

Vance didn’t always back Trump but does appreciate him now that he sees the difference with Biden in charge.

What does Cheney have to do with Ohio? She lost her own primary by 40 points. Cheney is a failure; hopefully, her endorsement is the kiss of death for far-left Ryan.

Tim Ryan voted with Biden’s Marxist, pro-crime, open borders, warmongering agenda 100% of the time. Ryan has NEVER stood up against his party and is lying now.

Meanwhile, expect the rogue DOJ to indict and perp-walk Donald Trump after the election. You know they want to do it whether there’s a crime or not.

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