Malfeasance in the New Jersey Gubernatorial Election


Project Veritas released a new video today exposing malfeasance that took place in New Jersey’s gubernatorial election, where an election worker was willing to provide a ballot to a Veritas journalist disguised as a non-citizen and non-registered voter.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • NJ Election Worker, Essex County: “Remember, we were allowing anyone to come in.”
  • NJ Election Worker, Essex County: “I’ll let you fill out completely a ballot now. Whether or not it’s going to count, I don’t know.”
  • NJ Election Worker, Essex County: “Listen, we’ll let you do it [fill out a ballot]” to an illegal alien.
You can watch the video here:



  1. Whether the vote was counted or not depends on which candidate he voted for. All votes for Murphy got counted…no matter who or where they came from.

    New Jersey is a liberal political machine.

    • Here we go again. Haven’t the Republicans learned the voter fraud lesson yet? Where are the poll watchers? This whole thing makes me sick.

      • We must demand an audit. This cannot stand!! Read on Gateway Pundit that 40,000 ballots miraculously appeared, which put Murphy over the finish line. I don’t believe it! Especially because the truck driver won the NJ senate race. Beating the democrat. It doesn’t add up!

  2. Well hell, why not just send ballots to everyone in Uzbekistan and let them all vote too? This crap is not going to change until all states return to in person, ID, proof of citizenship & proof of residency, pre-registrationl is required. All ballots counted 3 times by all parties involved, one of which should be completely non party affiliated, with every single vote photo recorded. Until that happens, all bets are off and the election process is subject to numerous avenues of fraud.

  3. I’m finding it interesting that many ask why the republicans don’t stop this? The Republican and Democrat leadership have been on the same page for decades. Here are some examples

    GOP was told by Trump early 2021 NOT to use his name to solicit donations. Ronna McDaniels GOP Chair said no way and continued. GOP raised millions using Trump name. Recently Trump asked for 2M, Ronna refused. Ronna Romney McDaniels is Senator “Pierre Delecto” Romney’s niece.

    You can search for video McConnell threatens if you don’t get the vaxx we’ll shut down this winter.

    McCarthy threatens Republicans for money here,

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