Mall Killer Praised Transgender Murderer Audrey Hale


A social media page appearing to belong to the murderer who killed eight people at a Dallas-area outlet mall had shared extremist beliefs with rants against Jews, women [he said he was an incel], and racial minorities posted since September, as well as posts about struggling with mental health. His social media posts are crazy. He had a patch on his Kevlar vest with the initials RWDS, which the FBI thinks stands for  “Right Wing Death Squad.”

Reporter Elijah Schaeffer Has Serious Doubts

The Left media reports RWDS is an acronym used by the Proud Boys. They also claim the killer was a white Hispanic. The media is trying to pin a madman’s crimes on MAGA Republicans. In other words, they want you to believe 75 million people in this country are white supremacist NAZIs.

Schaeffer said the acronym comes from a remote site.

The FBI believes the killer posted on, Psycho Vision, and 4Chan.

He praised Audrey Hale.

Mall killer Garcia praised Audrey Hale, who was the transgender killer of six Christians. The mall killer murdered white people, including children. The mall killer was allegedly a neo-Nazi Hispanic hater who praised a transgender killer of Christians.

While referencing Audrey Hale, Garcia wrote she broke the ER barrier. “So the Nashville shooting was particularly interesting because a b*tch broke the ER barrier (with a decent kill score) for the first time. This is like the greatest accomplishment of feminism ever.”

He was in the military for a few months and was discharged.

Heavy reports:

The lengthy posts discuss mass shootings, including at school. He says he moved toward right-wing ideology, and some of his posts are racist and anti-Semitic, showing idolatry toward Nazis and Adolf Hitler. He described himself as an incel filled with hatred toward women and a loner who was angry at his parents, society, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and more. His profile picture is a yellow smiley face with a Hitler mustache. He also had a YouTube account in the name Dusty Shackleford, but it’s now deleted. His Facebook page is deleted.

Garcia allegedly communicated with the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer, and this light brown Hispanic man said, “We are going to make America white again.”

The Day of the Shooting

On the day of the shooting, he posted comments including, “Everybody is dead…it’s the way it has to be.”

Authorities are investigating the mall massacre as a “possible hate crime,” The Washington Post reported.

He hated a lot of people but was seriously mentally ill. In his case, he shouldn’t have been able to get guns. But he would have run people over or found some other way.

Garcia said he wanted the notoriety. Some say we shouldn’t mention his name since, like many of these killers, he was looking for fame, to be remembered.

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25 days ago

The bottom line was that the Attacker was neutralized by a Good Guy with a Gun. This happens all the time, but the MSM refuses to report the truth! The fix is not taking guns out of the hands of Law Abiding Citizens. The fix is taking Crazy Liberals with mental issues off the Street! Garcia was not a MAGA America First Conservative. MAGA America First Conservatives want Government to do it’s job and reestablish Law & Order. Garcia was a Liberal Anarchist who took things into his own hands. Patriots target corrupt Government Officials for removal. Patriots don’t shoot US Citizens in a mall.

25 days ago

Much will be made of his Nazi tattoos but not a word about the billions of dollars we send to the Nazi regime in Ukraine

25 days ago

Has anyone checked to see if Garcia was a registered Democrat? He definitely wasn’t a MAGA Trump Supporter. He sounds like a Wacko Liberal with serious mental issues.

25 days ago

And We still have yet to get the redacted version of Transgender Murderer Audrey Hale’s Death note , let alone the unredacted version of why “IT” did it.

25 days ago

Lemme give you knucklehead VERY Special Agents a lead… Garcia was kicked out of Army basic training because he was BSC (Batshit Crazy). He’s a Mexican and he was shooting indiscriminately at White/Hispanic/Indian targets. Probably not a “White Supremacist.”