Man Arrested for Trying to Cross the Atlantic in a “Hamster Wheel”


A Florida man was arrested after attempting to cross the Atlantic in a “human-powered hamster wheel.”

It sounds exhausting!

Reza Baluchi was 70 miles off Georgia’s coast when officers found him during a “manifestly unsafe voyage” with Hurricane Franklin bearing down on the area.

The U.S. Coast Guard announced the arrest in a Facebook statement on Wednesday.

The vessel was afloat with the help of wiring and buoys.

Reza and his hamster wheel.

Baluchi was arrested on August 28 after a “bizarre three-day standoff with authorities. When authorities tried to get him off the contraption, he pulled out “two knives and threatened to hurt himself” if officers outboarded. At one point, he “threatened to blow himself up.”

He had a fake bomb. Mr. Baluchi wanted to go to London on his “hydro-pod” vessel.

In 2014, he was caught off the coast of Florida in an inflatable bubble, hoping to head for the Bermuda Triangle.

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