Man Who Assaulted Dave Chappelle Is WOKE – Inspired by Will Smith


Will Smith slapping Chris Rock inspired the criminal who attacked Dave Chappelle on stage, and it appears he’s WOKE. This puts us in a whole new zone of cancel culture.

Usually, people are inspired to perform admirably not violently. But don’t worry. He thinks he was behaving honorably since Chappelle’s jokes are offensive.

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Isaiah Lee, 23, sat down for a second jailhouse interview with The Post Monday at the Twin Towers Correctional facility in downtown Los Angeles, where he applauded Smith for smacking Rock across the face on live TV after the comic made a “tasteless” joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness.

“That’s not right what [Chris Rock] said about his wife, calling her GI Jane,” said Lee, referencing a crack the former “SNL” star made about Pinkett Smith’s hair loss from alopecia, which Smith has said is what spurred him to walk on stage and hit Rock.

He also didn’t like the jokes about gays and homeless people.

Creepy Lee accused Chappelle’s guards of beating him but Chappelle’s publicist said it is not true. Lee was rearrested for attempted murder. It’s best not to believe a word he says.

Apparently, this guy has gone WOKE.

If you don’t like Chappelle’s jokes, don’t listen to him.

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1 year ago

“If you don’t like Chappelle’s jokes, don’t listen to him.” When one is woke the rule is that you are required to censor, harass, intimidate, even kill anyone you imagine offends you. The target of the woke’s conduct is not allowed to defend themselves. To be woke is to turn the world upside down where insanity is encouraged and protected while common sense is prosecuted.