Stacey Abrams Says Turnout Has Nothing to Do With Voter Suppression


Stacey Abrams will say anything to promote her hard-left narrative that minorities in Georgia are marginalized and their votes are suppressed. She’s capable of saying anything.

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Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America
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Stacey Abrams ran for Governor last election cycle and never conceded, claiming she won when she clearly did not. Then this week, she trashed the state she wants to lead as governor — Abrams apparently hates Georgia. Then she came up with a new gem. She claims that the increased voter turnout — which is huge — has nothing to do with the suppression of the minority vote.

Abrams is not stupid but she will never admit the truth unless it helps her in some way. Oh, and she’s a Marxist backed by Marxist-Leninists. As if that isn’t enough, she’s anti-white people. If she wins, whites will suffer.


Stacey Abrams is not a fan of white people and wants people coming illegally to overwhelm white people. During a 2014 conference, Abrams talked of a plan to change the racial demographics to prevent a so-called “minority conservative coalition” from governing the south.

In an article that she penned, titled, ‘Identity Politics Strengthens Democracy,  she wrote “the less we have in common the more united we will be.” Most of her article is illogical and dishonest. It’s entirely vile as she calls for all the identity groups to overthrow the only people left out of her purported victimized classes — whites.

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