Manhattan DA can have Trump’s financial records by August 14, but it’s not over


The Supreme Court of the United States rejected the House Democrats’ request to rush the tax case. They seek all of his financial records for eight years [as part of a fishing expedition]. However, the biased, left-wing Manhattan DA can get the records. The DA is trying to conjure up a campaign finance case based on payments to two prostitutes.


The House legal counsel had asked the court to immediately put into effect its decision earlier this month that said while Trump did not have an absolute right to refuse to comply with legitimate congressional subpoenas for documents, Congress also did not have unlimited authority to seek materials from a president because its demands must be connected to a legitimate legislative purpose, NBC News reports.

The outlet said that the Justices sent the case back to the lower courts, where the scope of the House subpoenas is likely to be narrowed.

On Monday, in a one-sentence order, the court denied the request. Justice Sonia Sotomayor said she would have granted it. She is the furthest left member of the court.


It won’t help the President. Manhattan’s DA can get the records and will probably leak them selectively and quickly.

The court took the opposite course with a request from the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who is also seeking Trump’s business records. Chief Justice John Roberts on Friday granted Vance’s request to immediately issue the Supreme Court’s judgment in that case. No dissents were noted from chief justice’s order.

Vance’s argument was that he needed to get back into court quickly because the grand jury could lose its ability to bring charges due to statutes of limitations.

The grand jury is seeking Trump’s business and personal tax records for an investigation of payments made to two women who claimed they had affairs with him — allegations the president has consistently denied. Vance was said to be looking at whether the payments violated state tax or business regulations.

Vance wants some kind of indictment, anything, from his undoubtedly very left-wing grand jury [it’s New York] before the election.

The President’s attorneys can still appeal the decision and they will.

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3 years ago

I guar-on-tee it won’t be long until the DA’s office leaks those records to the House dims.

Jim McMullin
Jim McMullin
3 years ago

They are opening a pandoras box that they might not want opened. Which is why the SCOTUS ruled the way they did.
An that NY DA is completely retarded, the moment its all finalized Barr will go after his records and he’ll be spending the next 10 to 15 in prison. Not to mention all the democrats that will be left wide open to DOJ investigations thanks to these rulings.
Gonna hurt when bill and killerys finances are subpeaned.

3 years ago

Where were the Republican (right wing, same bird) CONgress members during the barry soetoro (you know him as obama) facade ? Why did they not immediately demand at a minimum, soetoro’s:

Birth certificate
Passport records
Adoption papers
Indonesian school records
Indonesian immigration documents
Student loan records
Occidental College admission records
Application for Social Security number

Barry soetoro-obama was and continues to be, the greatest hoax ever foisted upon FUSA and it’s citizens. In the meantime Mr. Trump was elected 45th POTUS. He has endured the most vile attacks by domestic communists, i.e., democrats/CPUSA and their supporting vermin of the print and electronic media. And our elected “representatives” do nothing to protect our culture, our way-of-life, our US Constitution and our legitimately elected President Trump !