Michael Cohen is back in jail after refusing order not to talk to the press


Michael Cohen was released from jail due to the risk of coronavirus. Not only did he go to a restaurant while on home detention, he decided to talk to the press. He was meeting with his probation officers on Thursday and thought he was just going to sign some papers when they took him away.

Cohen was released from the federal prison camp where he was housed in Otisville, N.Y., over fears of a coronavirus outbreak among inmates and prison staff members in May. Under the agreement, Cohen was required to see out the rest of his sentence — set to end in November 2021 — under home confinement.

“This is not what we came here to do today,” Cohen’s attorney, Jeffrey Levine, said after Cohen had been taken back into custody. “We came here to work out the terms and conditions of his home confinement.”

When presented with the conditions of his confinement, Cohen had no problem with the stipulations until he was told he could have “no engagement of any kind with the media, including print, TV, film, books, or other form of media/news,” and that he couldn’t use social media, according to a source.

He said he had a problem with the language and wanted to work it out.

And 90 minutes later, the U.S. marshals came, put him in shackles, and took him away.

Cohen’s lawyer Jeffrey Levine explained that he was with Cohen at the federal probation office in Lower Manhattan on Thursday when he was taken into custody. He added that Cohen is being moved to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Cohen was filmed by MSNBC entering the building and told reporters that he was appearing to sign some documents, but never reappeared.

Chuck Todd suggested in this clip that President Trump had something to do with it when it was Michael Cohen who violated his parole:

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