Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office Might Conjure Up Crimes to Get Trump


The Manhattan District Attorney, whose office is comprised of many far left people, is pursuing possible criminal charges against the Trump Organization and some of its top executives by — possibly — exaggerating so-called campaign finance violations.

This comes as we come to find out that the Chairman and CEO of American Media was granted immunity. Also, an announcement was just made that the CFO of the Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg was also granted immunity by federal prosecutors in New York during the Cohen investigation.


Michael Cohen pled guilty to eight federal criminal charges this week. Six were related to his own bad behavior, but the other two were campaign finance violations that many lawyers say are not crimes. Those charges center around the payments made to Stormy Daniels for keeping quiet about allegedly having sex once with Donald Trump more than a decade ago.

Some analysts believe making these violations into serious crimes will help lay the foundation to frame the President and charge him criminally with campaign finance violations.

Usually, campaign finance violations are treated as civil matters, not criminal, but that hasn’t held true for Republicans.

Criminality only applies to one side.

No one is looking into Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance violations that were probably used to influence the election.

This is as the owner of the National Enquirer is granted immunity by the Special Counsel to tell all he knows. He was involved in the payments to two women. The government says the payments were meant to influence the election in at least one case.

Cyrus Vance

New York prosecutor Cyrus Vance is considering carrying this further and criminally charging the Trump organization and some of its executives for their role in the payments. It’s a stretch and it’s politically motivated. It’s a squeeze play.

The President can’t pardon himself or anyone for state and local ‘crimes’.

The case would revolve around how President Trump’s company accounted for reimbursing the disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen for the $130,000 he paid to Daniels in exchange for her silence in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, according to The New York Times.

There is one caveat. The paper could be wrong as it usually is since they are biased and are relying on anonymous sources. Also, the probe is in its earliest stages.

The Trump Organization repaid Cohen for paying off Stormy Daniels. The organization logged the money as a legal expense [Cohen is an attorney and had performed other work included in the payment in question to Cohen], according to the Times, but Cohen pleaded guilty on Tuesday to making the payment to Daniels in exchange for her silence.

“On its face, it certainly would be problematic,” an official in-the-know told the Times.

You just have to take the Times word for it that this person is an “official” who is “in-the-know”. Whatever that means.

The Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance is looking into whether he can claim the transaction was falsified to mislead or defraud.

It’s a major government overreach. It proves a big government can jail anyone if they choose to.

People who hate Trump don’t realize how they are giving away their own freedoms. The day will come when they too will fall prey to an out-of-control government.

The DA, if this is true, will say the organization was making an illegal donation to Trump’s campaign.


Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations, according to a 2013 report in Politico by Maggie Haberman.

This was “one of the largest fees ever levied against a presidential campaign,” she wrote at the time.

Before Dinesh D’Souza, these violations were not a crime and were handled with fines. They were civil matters as we mentioned.

There is a different justice system for Republicans.

In Barack Obama’s case, it was no big deal and there was no talk of criminal charges.

It wasn’t a big deal in Rosie O’Donnell’s case as another example, and of course Hillary’s campaign.


The government went after D’Souza with the full weight of the law, which was unusual in the $15,000 campaign finance violation.

They threatened him with bank fraud for taking the money out of the bank. He was told he was liable for mail fraud because he put the check in the mail.

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