Manhattan School District Might Ban Biological Boys from Girl’s Sports


How is it possible that a Manhattan school district might actually ban transgender athletes from girl’s sports? If they can come to their senses, anyone can.

They will review the gender guidelines and consult female athletes, evolutionary biology experts, and doctors.

Fox 5 reported:

“Tensions ran high during a meeting held by Manhattan’s largest school board district over transgender athletes Thursday.

“In an 8-3 decision and a highly contentious meeting, the board approved a resolution that could lead to the ban of transgender athletes from girls’ sports entirely.

Parents, teachers, and City Council members attended.

Unbelievably, one parent said, “As a parent, I’m frankly disappointed that adults in positions of power are capitalizing on a lack of understanding to try to push debates and policies rooted in discrimination.”

The discrimination is against the girls.

Since 2019, students have been allowed to play sports according to their gender identity and not their biological sex.

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