Maoist China sent us most of the counterfeit masks and test kits


Maoist China accounted for about 51 percent of counterfeit or substandard COVID-19-related products seized by U.S. customs officials from October 2019 to Sept. 30 last year. This is according to a newly-released report from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Among the products seized by U.S. customs officials were over 12.7 million counterfeit masks, 177,356 COVID-19 test kits prohibited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and 38,098 FDA-prohibited chloroquine tablets.

The FDA currently has a database listing fraudulent COVID-19 products, including test kits. The list contains company names and the names of their products.

In December last year, customs officials in Cincinnati seized 10,080 counterfeit surgical masks, which were labeled “3M Mask Model 1860,” in a shipment originating from the Chinese Communist Party China, according to a press release. The boxes of masks were fraudulently labeled — “Made in the USA.”

If genuine, these fake 3M masks would have an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $65,520.

They not only sent the China virus from Wuhan, China, but they are sending counterfeit goods to counteract it.

These are the Democrat Party’s friends.

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