Maoist China’s “hypersonic weapons are meant for the United States of America”


Mark Levin noted the danger China presents during his show last night. Some of the comments he made were not worth mentioning, but he did point to some very serious concerns not addressed by the regime.

Beijing, China. March 29th, 2013. A group of Chinese military marching across Tiananmen Square.
The Missiles

In the wake of China’s test of a hypersonic missile, the second most senior US general said Thursday that the pace at which China’s military is developing capabilities is “stunning.” At the same time, US development suffers from a “brutal” bureaucracy.

The outgoing Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Hyten, commented for the article.

“The pace they’re moving and the trajectory they’re on will surpass Russia and the United States if we don’t do something to change it. It will happen. So I think we have to do something,” Hyten said in 2021.

He added that “the hypersonic weapons are meant for the United States of America.” We have to assume that and be ready.

Their Defense Budget Is Enormous

In another article from May 2021 in RealClearDefense, Jim Inhofe writes that the US defense budget is not “larger than the next ten countries combined.” In fact. He said that Russia’s and China’s together equal ours. However, they hide their spending. They leave out costs and R&D. Their budgets are much higher.

Russia has the economy of New Jersey, but they are a nuclear nation.

MI5 and the FBI heads warn of “immense” threats from China and have intensified their investigations. The Chinese are greatly increasing their spying. A takeover of Taiwan would dangerously affect business throughout the world.

Spies, Goods, Farms and the Federal Reserve

Meanwhile, as they worry about spying, our borders are wide open. As they worry about Taiwan, we don’t make any of the endangered products here.

We allow Chinese communist nationals to buy prime US farms near military bases. And we send all of our manufacturing to China. That includes vital drugs, minerals, semiconductors, food, etc. Since American leftists won’t allow mining, minerals like cobalt have become CCP-dominated. We need that for our EVs.

Biden is making us dependent on the CCP for our energy, which is especially clear in the latest $700+ Build Back Better bill.

According to Sen. Rob Portman, the CCP is spying on the Federal Reserve.

The Thousand Talents Program is rife with spies. Yet, Biden wants it to continue.

The Confucius Institutes are spreading like wildfire again under different names.

Tying Up the World
China is investing in restricting passage through the Panama Canal and the Strait of Magellan. The US gave the Panama Canal up stupidly. From the Naval Institute:

Restrictions to the passage of traffic through the Panama Canal and the Strait of Magellan as China moves aggressively to expand its footprint across Central and South America are the top concerns of the current U.S. Southern Command head told a Senate panel.

“[Those] very strategic lines of communication that must be kept open,” said Army Gen. Laura Richardson in a Thursday hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In Panama, PRC-based companies are engaged in or bidding for several projects related to the Panama Canal, a global strategic chokepoint, including port operations on both ends of the canal, water management, and a logistics park,” according to Richardson’s written testimony.

“We have a lot of ground to make up” with the government of Panama in investing in projects important to [Panama] as Beijing has done, she added. Richardson cited a Corps of Engineers major water project as a step in the right direction.

Likewise, the Chinese have invested heavily in a space-research project in Argentina that would allow Beijing to track U.S. satellites and also won the rights to build facilities near the Magellan Strait that would also give China access to Antarctica.

Maoist China is also eyeing the Solomon Islands for a Deep-Water Port. We fought a world war in that area and won.

“A Chinese state-owned company is negotiating to buy a forestry plantation with a deep-water port and World War II airstrip in the Solomon Islands amid persistent concerns that China wants to establish a naval foothold in the South Pacific country.” They don’t care about the trees.

China is building a new African port to put China across the Atlantic from the US. “The port at Bata in the Central African nation of Equatorial Guinea is set to become China’s first permanent military presence on the coast of West Africa.

“U.S. officials told The Wall Street Journal this meant that Chinese warships might be able to rearm and refit in a location opposite to the east coast of the United States.”

Maoist China is relentlessly trying to peel away Japan’s resolve on disputed islands:

Beijing’s track record has been more akin to peeling an onion, slowly and deliberately pulling back layers to reach a goal at the center.

Think of how Beijing built up islands in the South China Sea and then fortified them, eventually establishing what the former head of the US Pacific Command in 2018 called a “Great Wall of SAMs,” — surface-to-air missiles — on islands that years earlier Chinese leader Xi Jinping had pledged not to militarize.

“Relevant construction activities that China is undertaking in the Nansha (Spratly) islands do not target or impact any country, and China does not intend to pursue militarization,” Xi told former US President Barack Obama at the White House in 2015.

Those militarized islands are also claimed in part by the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan, but none of those places are likely to see their claims realized.

The US is worried about an attack on the Phillippines.

China is also encroaching on India’s territory again.

“While this is not unprecedented, what has surprised observers is that China has not stopped its aggressive stance against India since last year. The village in question lies along the banks of the Tsari Chu river, in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. However, it is also worth noting here that the area has been effectively under Chinese control since 1959.”


At the same time, our military has allowed the WOKEs to take over our military institutions, and they are not prepared to fight. But they know their pronouns and can change genders at taxpayer expense. The military is planning to spy on their online speech for anything anti-WOKE.

We know that every branch of the military is struggling to make its 2022 recruiting goals. Many want nothing to do with WOKEs.

Biden shut down the anti-espionage program, largely aimed at China. It was shut down because it might be perceived as an attack on their ethnicity. It’s raaaacist!

We have fools running the government and an incoherent foreign policy.

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