Mars Apologizes 2x to the CCP for Maybe Suggesting Taiwan’s a Country


Mars Wrigley, the manufacturer of the Snickers candy bar, apologized Friday for promotional material that referred to Taiwan as its own country.

China is our greatest enemy and is currently trying to take over the world.

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The US candy-maker was put into Maoist China’s doghouse for an online social media event with the South Korean boy band BTS. It was intended for audiences outside China. Attendance was restricted to people of certain countries and included a flag of Taiwan.

Taiwan influencers shared it and it ended up on the CCP Weibo site. Thousands of Chinese users were enraged. They threatened to boycott the candymaker.

That led to the Mars officials apologizing – twice.

The company said it had reached out to its regional team in Asia to ask that the language be adjusted. A screenshot of a Snickers promotion taken on Friday. It appears to refer to Taiwan as a country.

“We are aware of the report about Snickers’ activities in some regions in Asia, and we take it very seriously and apologize for it,” Mars Wrigley said in its first apology.

In its second apology, issued within hours, the company added: “There is #OnlyOneChina in the world, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Perhaps they’re just trying not to mess with US foreign policy, whatever that is.

Only this past week, China threatened to shoot down Speaker Pelosi’s plane as she visited Taiwan. During her visit, she told the people of Taiwan they could count on the USA. At the same time, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said Taiwan is not a democracy, and there is one China.

We have the foreign policy from Hell and Mars is touting the US policy, we think. At least, that is the policy today.


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