Maoist China’s spreading propaganda around the globe with FB and Twitter


The Chinese Communists rely heavily on Facebook and Twitter to spread propaganda, but somehow this isn’t as much of a problem as Donald Trump and Parler.

According to recent reports:

“We find that the PRC [People’s Republic of China] is increasingly seeking to use its diplomats to amplify the outward-facing propaganda dissemination of state-backed media outlets,” stated Marcel Schliebs, lead author of a report titled “China’s Public Diplomacy Operations, according to a press release.

The report, along with a second report focusing on China’s operations in the UK, was the result of a seven-month joint investigation by the Oxford Internet Institute, a department at the University of Oxford, and the Associated Press, according to The Epoch Times.

Before 2019, there were a total of fewer than 50 Chinese diplomatic accounts on Twitter, but that number has since grown exponentially to 189 accounts as of March 1. As of the same month, there were 84 Chinese diplomatic accounts on Facebook.

The fake accounts come from Chinese embassies, ambassadors, consuls, or other embassy staff in 126 countries.

Even when Twitter suspends them, super spreader accounts have already spread them around the globe.

Facebook and Twitter are actually dangerous.

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