Maoist Groups Plan to Annihilate Conservatives & They’re on Social Media


by M. Dowling

Red Guards Austin [Antifa] describes itself on Twitter as an autonomous Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective of community organizers and mass workers based out of Austin, TX. Far Left Watch has sounded the alarms about this group since they want to annihilate people.

They are all on Facebook and Twitter. We know Jack Dorsey wants to keep the conversations healthy so their goal of annihilating Conservatives must make the grade.

They work with Red Guards Kansas City, Red Guards Pittsburgh, Red Guards Los-Angeles and Red Guards Charlotte to “annihilate” those they believe are “collaborators” or “fascist.”

The plan is to form a Red Army.

…we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels. The first being those who are mainly unarmed but are prepared and trained to carry out fist fighting or using blunt weapons like ax handles or flagpoles as well as shields and basic armoring. The second level is the more advanced embryo of a Red Army, which is trained militarily and operates as soldiers all the time, engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed nation’s people.”

They are committed to annihilating enemies and wrote on Facebook in a post.

On the basis of our principled united front work, fascists and their collaborators can be drowned out, run out, routed, beaten bloody, and even annihilated. These are our principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish.”

Read more here.

Red Guards Austin allegedly had a Facebook page with 8,000 followers. It has since been removed. It’s likely someone reported them.

Every nutcase and criminal in the country is attracted to groups like this. Bad people like to have a cause so they can feel good about all the bad things they are doing.

This group also tears down statues and calls for an army to stop ICE.

There are chapters forming and growing. Red Guards Kansas City has a presence on Twitter and Facebook. They don’t have very many members but it doesn’t take all that many to cause mayhem.

In this post, the Maoists have few people clicking ‘like’ but they are threatening violence. This is annoying because my perfectly harmless Facebook page was removed since they think I’m not a real person. I sent ID but they wouldn’t put my page back up. Apparently, this post on Red Guards Kansas City on behalf of Austin is just fine for the social media censors.

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