Maricopa County AZ audit “will shock the country”


During an interview on his War Room podcast, Steve Bannon spoke with the Gateway Pundit’s reporter Jordan Conradson about the audit finishing up in Maricopa County.

Biden’s win was quite ‘miraculous.’

Bannon asked about the security breach of November 3rd in Arizona. Conradson said there is no information on that yet.

The routers were still not released and courts keep rejecting the requests over security.

They need the routers for the forensic audit but the reporter didn’t know how they will handle this moving ahead.

Bannon then wanted to know what the next step will be.

Conradson said they are “quadruple checking” the count, assuring Bannon, “this court case is not going to fail.”

“What do you think the timing of this is? What is your best idea now of timing? Because that’s the domino,” Bannon asked.

Conradson said the final report will likely come in August.

“Whether it’s a letter of Karen Fann to Maricopa County, whether it’s a subpoena to get more information? Her first salvo in this I think is going to shock the country. I think we’re going to get, I think we may get an actual interim letter from Karen Fann before the final report,” he added.

“I know they’re working on the final report. But I think that’s going to be something that’s a formal process because that’s what they said they were going to do as a report. I think there’s going to be shots fired from the state senate with some pretty definitive numbers saying, Hey, we’re confused here, to Maricopa County,” he added.

He called the audit’ the ‘gold standard.’


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7 months ago

Just as predicted in this article Karen Fann is retiring ahead of the final report that shows election fraud under the Maricopa County Election Board.

11 months ago

The Government is trying figure out how to tell the world the election was stolen without causing Coast to Voast riots and DC being burned the ground. In the end, I think they will just lie about the results.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

False flags and other noise will be used to distract the stupid public.

A this point I doubt the DOJ can seize the records. If the republican state AG had an ounce of integrity he would have already arrested the people blocking the subpoenas. He’s probably in the China Mitch camp. The main obstacles in investigating the election coup were republicans.

Brutus the Barber
Brutus the Barber
11 months ago

They’ll be shocked at how slimy smelly and ripe the bananas are in Chiquitastan.
If it gets too hot then some false flag shootings or globull warming cult will come out.

O/T-emptied bucket from yesterday probably has two inches of rain on the bottom and it is downright chilly out.
Globull Warming, paging globull warming, please pick up the red hammer and sickle phone.

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
11 months ago

(D)runk on fraud