Maricopa Election Hearing “Is Even Worse Than We Imagined”


This Maricopa County Board of Supervisors hearing was held today for public comments. What went on during the election was shocking. An untold number of people were disenfranchised.

Charlie Kirk said the hearing “is even worse than we imagined. The sabotage by the County was criminal.”

David Limbaugh said, “The people standing before the Board to complain about election irregularities are hardly outlying, mouth-breathing fanatics. They are well reasoned and outraged, and they are numerous.”

Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake pointed to this clip as the perfect encapsulation of what went on in Maricopa on Election Day. Democrats knew that the Lake supporters were waiting for Election Day to come to the polls, yet up over 30% of the machines stopped working, although they had worked up to that day. The people in charge of the election were anti-MAGA Chairman Gates and Recorder Stephen Richer, along with Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs never campaigned, did not have a large following, did not hold rallies, and refused to debate. Her win strains credulity.

Cochise County has refused to certify the election.

Watch the disenfranchised:

The Maricopa County poll observer in the clip below testified at the Board of Supervisors hearing that at 7 pm, there were still 675 people waiting in line when the polls closed. Only 150 people ended up voting. A total of 525 voters were disenfranchised at one polling place!

There is no way this election should be certified.

Kari Lake is suing for a new election.

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