The Truth About Mass Murders


There were about 673 mass murders last year, and seven were committed by a single shooter consumed by twisted views, evil or madness, or all of those mentioned. Mass murders are mostly committed by groups of criminals or criminal gangs. The Left tries to blame them all on Republicans, but most are committed by criminals in the act of committing crimes.

Single shooters who commit these murders are mentally deranged and sometimes have political motives, but their views are usually all over the place. The last horrific mass murder by a single shooter was blamed on Republicans because the grandfather was a Republican assemblyman in California. The killer, however, is a non-binary killer of other gay people in Club Q. Authorities still don’t have a motive.

There were two other shootings, one involved a black Walmart manager named Andre Bing who killed black employees and then himself.

There were others, and none were Republicans.

In August of this year, a Muslim man killed Muslim men. That disappeared from the news quickly.

Before that, in July, the Highland Park killer expressed left and right views. He was white and mad. Robert Crimo III was very troubled. His motive wasn’t political. He just wanted to kill people, and there were warnings.

One of the killers was a black nationalist who ran over children, killing one, and elderly performers, killing four in a Christmas parade in Waukesha, a mostly white Christian neighborhood. The killer Darrel Brooks wounded 48 people. We hear little about him, and the media ignores his radical black nationalist views.

The Greenwood Park killer was a criminal youth from a troubled family. He didn’t express any political views, but he was white.

Before that, There was the Uvalde killer, a deranged Hispanic youth.

The Buffalo supermarket killer, Payton Gendron, who murdered 13 people, 11 of whom were black, is a racist.

He described himself as an “authoritarian left-wing” eco-fascist and as someone who is anti-Fox, anti-capitalist, and anti-conservative. He also says he’s a hybrid Nazi and green nationalist. The murderous youth was used to demonize Tucker Carlson, conservatives, and guns without justification. He said he’s a former communist turned Green nationalist.

He wasn’t a Republican either.

Today, Gendron pleaded guilty to 25 charges and will serve life without parole. MSN said: Gendron was arrested in the store’s parking lot. Earlier the same day, he posted documents online which espoused white supremacist views and suggested he had been planning the attack for months.

They call him a white supremacist without mentioning his fascist, anti-conservative views.

When the killers are white, they’re always white supremacists, whether they’re political or not. The media depicts every white person as a supremacist, especially killers.

As for guns, they are merely the weapon chosen. The problem are madness and pure evil.

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