Maricopa Judge allows audit to continue, Trump slams the Democrats



Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin said he would not extend a temporary restraining order today. It would have halted the audit on Friday if Arizona Democrats had posted a $1 million bond.

“I think this was a very productive and useful hearing. I still have some thinking to do about the requested relief from the plaintiffs. I will do that between now and tomorrow morning,” Martin said according to The Epoch Times.

Martin had been appointed by Janet Napolitano.

Democrats last week filed a last-minute lawsuit seeking to block the audit in Maricopa County. This was hours before the audit was slated to start. They claimed contractors hired by the Arizona Senate, which ordered the election review, were not properly securing ballots and equipment, the newspaper reports.

The audit of over 2 million ballots and dozens of electronic tabulators started on April 23.

Read more at The Epoch Times.

Former president Donald J. Trump slammed the Democrat Party for their attempts to stop the audit. He said “they sent a team of over 100 lawyers to try and stop it because they know what the result of the Arizona Senate sponsored audit will be—and it won’t be good for the Dems.”

While we can’t know yet if it was an illegitimate election, Democrats certainly are worried and brutally trying to block any attempts to determine if our election was secure.


The Radical Left Democrat Party has gone absolutely INSANE in fighting the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, right now taking place in the Great State of Arizona. They sent a team of over 100 lawyers to try and stop it because they know what the result of the Arizona Senate sponsored audit will be—and it won’t be good for the Dems. The audit is independently run, with no advantage to either side, but the Democrats don’t want to hear anything about it because they know that they lost Arizona, and other scam election States, in a LANDSLIDE. They also know that the Arizona State Legislature approved virtually none of their many election requests, which is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The people of Arizona are very angry, as are the people of our Country. If we can’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have a Country. The audit must continue. America deserves the TRUTH!


If they do find something, it will blow the election wide open. Georgia would likely be next.


Bernie Sanders supporter John Brakely joined Steve Bannon on his war room. He is a Democrat progressive and made the point that the Arizona audit is the first real audit since the election that were meaningful.

“There really hasn’t been any audits. It’s no different than an emissions test by Volkswagen passing an emissions test on a diesel car,” he said.

Brakely wants “to prove if our elections are real or not.”

Brakely, the co-founder and director Audit USA, explains how the forensic audit is done.

Most recounts use the same software. This is a true hand count and examination with different software.

He said, “without democracy, what do we really have?


“Democracy dies in darkness,” as the Washington Post says. The corrupt newspaper will. no longer fact check [liar] Joe Biden.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

There’s lots of good points above.

We know this audit is not a republican party operation. The governor does not support it, and has been a major factor in suppressing exposure of fraud. The top republican in DC, the despicable Mitch, does not support any audits.

It is the state senate, which allowed the fraud to be certified, that is trying to correct their mistake.

2 years ago

The MSM is already doing all it can to discredit the audit because Democrats are seriously worried the Steal will be exposed. Remember how Hillary stopped audits back in 2017 when they started coming up with Trump votes? We saw the same thing when Republicans started looking to have audits outside of the Florida recounts in 2020. Democrats have been stealing elections for a long time. With States enacting strict voter ID Laws, Democrats are in serious trouble.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 years ago

Out of curiosity I looked at a couple of headlines and articles in the main stream media about this Maricopa recount that is being live streamed, and is thus the most transparent ( most honest ) one ever in the history of the USA.

Since anyone one can watch it LIVE then it is impossible to bring in trucks full of fake ballots or to dump in the trash tens of thousands of ballots.

Headlines were either saying this recount was because of Trump supporters ( who are white supremacists) conspiracy theories or that the live stream – because it is managed by OANN – is thus not to be taken seriously.

The tone of those articles reminded me of when I was a kid and the other person was out of argument they would make fun of my nose or my teeth.

Not a word as to why the Democrats are so desperate to stop the recount or what methods are used and why those methods are so good at detecting fraud.

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

(D)ommunism: They dominate your lives without calling it communism.