Marine Corp Vet Accepts Valor Award in a “Let’s Go, Brandon,” Shirt & MAGA Hat


A Marine Corps veteran who thwarted a robbery accepted an award in a MAGA hat and a “Let’s Go, Brandon” shirt, The Washington Times reports.

James Kilcer wore a blue “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt and a MAGA hat as he accepted the Citizen’s Valor Award on Tuesday from Sheriff Leon Wilmot.

Brandon Brown won a NASCAR race and the crown broke out in the “F* Joe Biden” chant. The NBC reporter told Mr. Brown the crowd was chanting, “Let’ go, Brandon.”

Since then, “Let’s go, Brandon” has become a euphemistic substitute for the profane chant.

In the Oct. 20 incident, according to the sheriff’s office, Mr. Kilcer walked into a Chevron station during the 4 a.m. hour to see an armed robbery in progress, involving three suspects and a handgun.

“As the armed suspect walked by Mr. Kilcer while pointing the weapon at the cashier, Kilcer reacted without hesitation, quickly disarming the suspect and taking him to the ground. He was able to immediately gain control of the gun and detain the suspect until deputies arrived,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement on its Facebook page.


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