Marjorie Taylor Greene Acquitted in Her Unconstitutional Trial


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was acquitted after a trial was allowed to go forward. A conviction would end in banning her from running for office based on the 14th Amendment. The basis was her alleged insurrection on January 6th. However, Rep. Greene was never accused of insurrection or charged, making the entire effort moot and unconstitutional.

A group of far-left Georgia voters had filed a lawsuit to prevent Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for Congress. They claim that Greene violated the 14th Amendment of the Constitution by helping to facilitate the [fake] insurrection.

Far-left Free Speech For The People and Our Revolution represented the far-left voters.

Judge Amy Totenberg, sister of NPR’s Nina Totenberg, allowed the trial – a ruse – to go forward.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Marjorie Taylor Greene, no one should want this kind of damage to our Constitution.

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