Mark Kelly Asks Reps to Censor Social Media, CISA Is Censoring


Sen. Mark Kelly asked government reps to censor social media and CISA is enbedding censorship into their protocols. Generally speaking, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls censorship, no matter how pure the motive, a “villainous” act.

Michael Shellenberger is reporting that Sen. Mark Kelly called for social media censorship to prevent bank runs. As Jonathan Turley said in his latest blog post, corporations are becoming surrogates for government action [almost solely surrogates for the Democrat Party].

House members, Senators, staff members from both parties, and representatives from the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) participated in a conference call with Sen. Kelly asking if the government agencies could censor social media. During the call, Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) asked the representatives from the government agencies if they had a way to censor information on social media. He said he wanted to prevent a run on the banks.

There were about 200 people on the ZOOM call.

Mark Kelly

Rep. Thomas Massie told Public, “On our conference call, led by [Senate President Chuck] Schumer, with Fed, FDIC, and Treasury, a democrat senator asked the three agencies if there was a program underway on social media to censor information that would lead to a bank run.”

“I believe he couched it in a concern that foreign actors would be doing this,” said Massie, “but he didn’t suggest the censorship should be limited to foreigners or to things that were untrue. The people from the three agencies couldn’t answer him and just sort of took a pass on the question.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert confirmed, as did Rep. Dan Bishop.

Rep. Boebert wrote: On a briefing with Biden Under Secretary of the Treasury Nellie Liang regarding the SVB [Silicon Valley Bank] BAILOUT they are working towards, and a member asked if they were reaching out to Facebook and Twitter to monitor misinformation and ‘bad actors.’”

RFK JR, Censorship Is Always Villainous

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is fighting for free speech and sued Trusted News Initiative which is a censorship collective.

He recently spoke with Kim Iverson about censorship.

RFK Jr. describes what we see taking place in this country and throughout the West as “turnkey totalitarianism.” While we’re trying to save democracy, the intelligence agencies are putting this digital infrastructure in place to get total control using AI and other means.

We’re in a sort of arms race. One of the things his father, RFK, would say is democracy is dependent on the free flow of information. Censorship is the slippery slope to totalitarianism.

Censors are always the villains throughout history. You can have the best intentions, and they can be correct, but actions – censorship is villainous. It’s always villainous.

Democracy does die in darkness.

Abolish CISA

No one said they could censor, but the government is looking for corporations to do those things they are blocked from doing under the Constitution. Democrats are demanding censorship in their desperate grasping for power. They aren’t even hiding it. Democrats once stood for unfettered free speech. It’s a remarkable turn of events.

Internet freedom fighter Mike Benz said that they are adding censorship of “financial misinformation” to CISA under the guise of protecting “critical infrastructure.”

Mike Benz tweeted:  DHS efforts are already underway to add censorship of “financial misinformation” to CISA’s portfolio of “critical infrastructure” domains it can classify tweets as a cyber attack on, & thus censor.

Shellenberger tweeted that CISA and part of DHS should be abolished for their flagrant and repeated violation of the First Amendment.

We recently discovered that the State Department funded a UK censorship group, the Global Disinformation Index (GDI). They compile lists of mostly conservative websites, blackball them, and notify ad companies so they can cancel them.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

Notice that the discussion avoids the incredible irresponsibility of government in causing the failure of our financial system, instead focusing on censorship. Notice the attempt to blame foreign actors, to distract from our failed government.

These people are core totalitarians.

RFK blunders so many times while taking the right side, The USA is not a democracy. His mind is filled with leftist ideology. It prevents him from getting to the heart of anything. If he wants to help, run for president, as a peace and anti-covid corruption candidate. He easily defeats Biden or Harris.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

Remember when the Communist in Cuba opened Muriel prison and sent is the worst of their problems?
Maye they did the same with their mental hospitals and that’s where people like Sen. Mark Kelly came from. Might also explain his totalitarian approach to problem solving.

Sometimes all that good people can do is cry for their beloved country (and pray for God’s mercy).

John Vieira
John Vieira
11 months ago

Lie, censor and mis-align…core of the corrupt msm and scum-bag left…