Mark Levin gives a good summary of the BidenBama destruction


This is a summary of some of the destruction BidenBama has caused against this country. People better engage soon.


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The Road To the Western Lands
The Road To the Western Lands
2 years ago

With the Deep State Uniparty obstacle it is a tough road.
Decades of Long Marching traitors can’t be undone overnight.
The police and military were destroyed by Hussein for a reason.
The CCP is a bunch of hype who just wants it handed to them on a silver platter.
WAR is the answer and WAR always will be the answer.
WAR is planetary hygiene and the engine for all human advancement.
I don’t recall any Red State teacher ever saying that freedom is free and they are very dear to me.

2 years ago

A lot of people are engaged, but the States don’t seen to be. Gov. Santos seems to be the only Governor fully engaged and Traitor Joe has declared a Cold War and is putting sanctions on the State of Florida. Imagine, the Federal Government is withholding medicines from the State of Florida. Since there is no shortage of these drugs, that’s a declaration of War on American Citizens. Red State Governors need to wake up. Time for a Article 35 Convention. In the mean time, Republicans need to shutdown the Government and only extend the debt ceiling in October to cover debt payments for 3 months. If the Republicans refuse to hold the line, then they need to be primaried in 2022; RINOs must go!

What we saw on 3 Nov. 2020 was a Coup via a Stolen Election and much of the Democrat Party Machinery and Heads of the Federal Bureaucracy were in on it. In total they are maybe 0.1% of the population and they must be brought to justice. The Damage Traitor Joe has done so far to America will take 50 years to resolve. We allow this Treason much longer and America as a Constitutional Republic is over. Freedom in America will no longer exist!