Ted Cruz called anti-Semitic for saying Bloomberg owns Bloomberg News


Senator Ted Cruz, a huge supporter of Jews and Israel, was accused of antisemitism for joking with Yashar Ali over a tweet. He joked about Bloomberg owning Bloomberg News.

Yashar Ali tweeted a headline at Bloomberg News which reads, “Bloomberg Campaign Says It’s a Two-Man Race for the Nomination”. Obviously, Bloomberg News service is spreading the news that the presidential race is between Michael Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders.

Cruz joked back, “It’s almost as if he owns the media,” a reference to the fact that Bloomberg owns Bloomberg News.

Previously, Bloomberg said his news service could not write any negative articles about him or his Democrat rivals, but they could write negative articles about President Trump.

It is clear he not only owns Bloomberg News, he controls it very tightly.

With that, ADL’s CEO Jonathan Greenblatt slammed Cruz’s remarks as “harmful antisemitic tropes.” He also pointed out that Cruz put forward a resolution in the Senate that condemns all forms of antisemitism.

Rep. Levin who also said his comment was antisemitic. Cruz responded to Levin, saying the accusations are “utter nonsense.”  Rep. Levin isn’t too sharp it seems.

Are we really going there when Democrats have anti-Semitic congresspeople in their party who they back 100%? Democrats back them so much that they won’t even criticize their anti-Semitic remarks. When Pelosi should be kicking them off committees, she’s giving them key positions instead.


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Wallace Rides Again
Wallace Rides Again
3 years ago

Dr. Savage hit a grand slam the other day talking about Doomblerg and Barnie Sandlers potentially causing backlash against Jews and it belongs in the National Archives.
I know Ted is a fighter so don’t let them club you over the head, Ted.
Maha Rushie and callers are right, Lil’ Napoleon has an unlimited supply of ca$h and won’t be going anywhere even if the comrade kommissar gets the nomination.
Das Radio has played clips of the clown car circus and I just don’t hear where Lil’ Bloomy got all beat up.
He actually defended capitalism is the credit where it is due department.
There was some screeching from a squaw but the best thing to do when mean girls get too harpy is let it go like some farts in the wind.