Mark Levin: WH, FBI, Special Counsel Coordinated to Take Down Biden’s Opponent


The White House Counsel officials met with a top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith weeks before Smith brought charges against former President Donald Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents.

This should have everyone deeply concerned. It looks like the White House and the Justice Department coordinated to take down the political opposition during the 2024 campaign.

It looks like Russiagate 2.0.

The New York Post reports:

Smith’s top aide, Jay Bratt, met with Caroline Seba, deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office, on March 31, according to White House visitor logs, the New York Post reported. Danielle Ray, an FBI agent in the Washington, D.C., field office, also joined Bratt and Seba at the meeting.

Nine weeks later, Trump was indicted by Smith’s office on June 8, 2023.


Bratt, 63, also met with Saba at the White House in November 2021, when Trump was mired in negotiations with the National Archives, who were demanding the return of presidential records from his Mar-a-Lago estate before a formal investigation had not yet been opened.


“Why would the senior line prosecutor involved in the document investigation of President Trump be meeting with Biden’s lawyers at the White House?  Caught red-handed…”


“That’s why it will be ignored by the Democrat Party media. That said, Bratt not only met with Biden’s staff at the White House while investigating Donald Trump and weeks before Trump was charged, Bratt is the senior DOJ official who insisted on securing a warrant and sending an FBI SWAT team to Mar-a-Lago and, Bratt stands accused by Stanley Woodward, who represents Walt Nauta in the documents case, of extorting him (Bratt allegedly told Woodward that the judgeship he is seeking has a better chance if his client turns on Trump).

[One of Trump’s lawyers alleged that Justice Department counterintelligence chief Jay Bratt had attempted to exert inappropriate pressure on Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta and his attorney Stanley Woodward. Bratt threatened to charge Nauta if he didn’t help them. He also told the lawyer that it would help with his judgeship application if he helped.]

“Judge Cannon should order, from the bench, that all records related to Bratt’s meetings and discussions at the White House be preserved and provided to the court; and, she should ask the DC judge who has been dragging his feet in his secret review of the allegation against Bratt by Woodward transfer that matter and all the information related to it to her as it clearly bears on the document case that is now before her and in her jurisdiction.

“Yet again, I am forced to ask, where the hell are Trump’s lawyers?  They should file a motion immediately seeking a court order for the information (mentioned above) and make a big stink about this outrageous news.

“Let me add another important point. THIS CLEARLY adds to the overwhelming case for a special counsel, as this not only creates the impression of a conflict of interest but a conflict of interest in fact.  The Biden administration cannot be relied on to truthfully explain itself.  The standard for appointing a special counsel — a qualified lawyer from outside the government — has been met again!

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 months ago

You have “filth” in the WH down…