Mark Levin’s epic speech on Biden’s first 15 days as a ‘nursing home patient’


Mark Levin reacted to how the Biden administration is going. He began by saying we have a monarch in the White House, and a mobocracy in the Congress, neither of whom follow the Constitution.

Levin reviewed the Executive orders and the constitutionality.


Schumer wants to pack the Supreme Court and expand all the courts. This is clearly a violation of the Separation of Powers. They want an ideological court.

The federalization of election laws in HR1 that Nancy Pelosi is pushing will turn the states into California and only Democrats will forever win every state.

They talk about making D.C. a state as if it were a statute. It is established under the Constitution and it is not to be put under a state. It’s a capital area.

This outrageous impeachment trial is a clown show. The Senate has no jurisdiction. Congress is not empowered to punish a citizen and to even do so without a trial.

Schumer wants to get rid of Citizen’s United, aka free speech. They want to use Executive orders to eliminate the Second Amendment. This is our Bill of Rights.

Biden’s over 40 Executive orders and actions violate the separation of powers.

The Executive Order on the Keystone is the theft of someone else’s property. That is a violation of the Equal Protections Clause of the Constitution.

Biden has put race-based options throughout the government. It is clearly a violation of the Constitution.

The order on female sports violates the Equal Protection Clause.

The number one civil rights issue is school choice but Biden is bought and paid for by the teachers’ unions.

Biden is sending billions of our dollars to blue states and teachers’ unions. He has taken tens of thousands of jobs from Americans and opened the borders to illegal aliens.

Biden has royally screwed up the distribution of the vaccines.

Biden’s foreign policy team is filled with people who hate Israel and slobber over China and Iran.

We don’t have a president.

Levin also reminds us of the mob Schumer he assembled on the steps of the Supreme Court and his threats to the Justices.

Watch this epic speech:

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3 years ago

Okay, but umm…. other than THAT Mrs. Kennedy, what did you think of the REST of Dallas?

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