Shocking betrayal, authors who hid it & media who back treason


Caveat: This report might not be true. General Milley has not yet responded to accusations of betrayal.

As explained earlier on Tuesday, Joint Chief of Staff Chair Mark Milley colluded with Chinese communists to undermine the President of the United States, according to a new book. Milley absurdly feared Donald Trump would nuke China based on Chinese propaganda. The Chinese were allegedly worried that President Trump was planning to go to war with them. Milley took it upon himself to assure his counterpart in China, a top-ranking Chinese communist general, that he would give them a heads up if the President launched a nuke.

It’s nonsense since President Trump couldn’t act on his own nor did he even want any wars, much less plan to start one with China.

Milley didn’t stop there. He also colluded with the Democrat leaders of the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on this fraudulent, unsubstantiated crisis.

Mark Levin went off on Milley in an appearance on ‘Hannity’ Tuesday evening over Mark Milley’s potentially traitorous behavior and the fact that the authors of the book revealing his behavior sat on the information for months and months.

After what went on in Afghanistan, the responsibility these two sleazy authors have for keeping this information from the American public is obvious.

Levin strongly suggests people boycott the book, Peril. The authors, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa shouldn’t benefit from the book after what they have done.

The NSA and others who listened in on this Milley call supported this betrayal. The media is also all for it, even George Will backed up this treasonous behavior.

The support for treason is jaw-dropping. Milley set a precedent by violating the chain of command and civilian command to undermine the elected president of the United States.

Watch these calculating fools in the media support treason:

Tuesday evening, Tucker Carlson spoke with Doug Macgregor, a former adviser to the Defense Secretary, and explained the authority Milley has and does not have.

If General Milley feels this strongly about Donald Trump, he should have resigned from the position, said Macgregor.

Watch this informative clip:

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