Markle won’t delay ‘tell-all’ for a sick grandpa–attacks Buckingham instead


Despite the fact that Prince Harry’s grandfather Prince Phillip, age 99, is seriously ill in a London hospital, Meghan Markle will not delay her tell-all interview with Oprah. Not only won’t she delay, but she is also attacking Buckingham for wanting a delay.

Prince Phillip survived life-saving heart surgery but is still not out of danger. At the same time, Prince Harry and Duchess Markle appear to be set up to take down the monarchy, which she derisively calls the ‘firm.’

After calling Queen Elizabeth, age 95, and Prince Phillip liars, Markle has gone on to say through a friend, the interview “has absolutely nothing to do with Prince Philip and that this is just an excuse by the palace to keep her muzzled.”

It would seem it has everything to do with the Prince if she’s calling them liars. We will have to wait and see.


“Even if Meghan had the choice to postpone the Oprah special she said she wouldn’t,” a friend of the Sussexes tells

“Meghan said now the whole world can see what she had to endure for months on end,” they added.

So far, she looks entitled, arrogant, and mean, but we will wait for the interview before we comment more. There is no doubt that royal life wouldn’t be for everybody. However, why damage Harry’s family?

On Wednesday Buckingham Palace announced an inquiry into Meghan’s behavior after The Times reported allegations of bullying by the duchess’s staff

“[Meghan] said these outrageous allegations confirm why she and Harry had to part ways and make it their mission to be a voice for the underdog,” they said.

The only problem is several of her staff had to quit over what they said was bullying by both the Duchess and the Prince.

Markle is far-left and is ideologically opposed to the idea of a monarchy. It’s not surprising it didn’t work for her.

Markle says, “What’s done is done.”

Piers Morgan isn’t thrilled with Markle:

Katie Hopkins mocked her last week:

HRH Princess Meghan Markle updates us on her VERY difficult week

— Katie Hopkins KTHopkins

Saturday, February 27, 2021

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