Martha’s Vineyard Nativists Already Shipped Migrants Out


More buses have arrived in Edgartown, sent by the fearless “kidnapper” Governor De Santis. A Massachusetts immigration lawyer named Rachel Self and Gov. Newsom accused Governors Ron De Santis (FL) and Greg Abbott (TX) of “kidnapping.” They’re so racist that they can’t even see it.

In their opinion, sending people coming illegally to their posh resort town is “kidnapping” and “Holocaust-Like,” but thousands coming in daily to border towns of poor and middle-class people is fine with them. That is what they vote for when they go to the polls.

Ken Burns compared sending the people to the Vineyard with the Holocaust.

About 80% of Martha’s Vineyard voted for Joe Biden and his open borders. Unfortunately, we now know they are racist, xenophobic nativists. I’m only being slightly sarcastic.


The nativist NIMBYs of Martha’s Vineyard are immediately shipping them out to Buzzard’s Bay and Woods Hole. They don’t necessarily know what they’re going to do with the illegal aliens but do know they won’t allow them to stay in Martha’s Vineyard. They won’t, for instance, rent a building for them to reside in or put them up in hotels like Democrats have demanded of us peasants.

But, don’t worry, the residents of Edgartown received them with love. But then they GOT RID OF THEM AS FAST AS THEY COULD.

The person in charge of homelessness in the Vineyard, Lisa Locastro said, “They can’t stay here.” She said they don’t have the services. Why don’t they? They’re treating these people like human pawns. There is plenty of money in the Vineyard. The average home price is a million dollars. They can put them in hotels or rent a place for them, but they are nativist racists, so they won’t. They kidnapped them and sent them to Buzzard’s Bay and Woods Hole.

Meanwhile, back at Kamala’s home in DC, where Gov. Abbott sent some buses this week, the Secret Service is keeping the Brown people away from the fence. The xenophobe, nativist racists of the tony section of DC expose themselves for who they are.

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van scheurich
van scheurich
1 year ago

This is what Joe & Kamala and liberal governors who endorse sanctuary cities have done with human suffering: – .