Vineyard Residents Said “They Don’t Want Migrants Here”


A reporter for Telemundo said Martha’s Vineyard residents privately said they don’t want migrants on their island. The residents appear entitled when they make statements like that.

Two days ago, Gov. De Santis sent 50 migrants by plane to Martha’s Vineyard, a progressive paradise. The mansion-dwellers immediately sent them to the Catholics in Edgartown, who have since shipped them out to Woods Hole and Buzzard’s Bay., Joint Base Cape Cod It only took two days to kick the migrants off their island.

Cristina Londoño Rooney of Telemundo said that residents refused to be interviewed on camera about unhappy they are with the situation for fear of appearing “inhumane.”

Maybe they are inhumane, or at least entitled?

They couldn’t put them up for a couple of weeks and let them rest on the beach? They had to ship them right out in two days? Entitled people put themselves above others.

“A furious man passed by just a short time ago. He said that his children had to leave this island because there are no jobs or housing, and now they bring these migrants over, deceiving them with those promises,” Rooney said.

“There are also others who blame the Biden Administration, saying it’s their fault, they don’t want the migrants here. But they don’t want to speak on-camera, either because they don’t want to be depicted as inhumane.”

Yesterday, the woman in charge of homelessness said, “They can’t stay here.” At least she was an honest racist NIMBY. She said they didn’t have the services like housing, as if they couldn’t well afford to rent something or take over a hotel like they do in areas where the peasants reside.

The entitled Biden voters of the Vineyard don’t want to suffer the repercussions of their open borders. They don’t care if people have to come with dangerous cartels, and many die en route. They don’t care. These wealthy people don’t care about drugs, sex traffickers, or child sex traffickers taking over our cities. They have insulated themselves thanks to their money.


The residents look very entitled and hypocritical, especially when you read the sign claiming they stand with immigrants and alleged refugees.

Check out the 12 stunning homes that the migrants can reside in on this link, at least temporarily. Hotels in cities like New York have had to turn their hotels over to large masses of humanity. Why don’t they? They can rent something.

This looks nice:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Leftism and elitism are hypocrisy. You exposed it in stunning fashion. I think places such as Malibu have similar signs.

These people are used to getting what they want, and they expect that.

I wonder if whoever boated or flew the illegals over will be penalized, I expect they are being hunted down and will be harassed financially.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

So glad you posted that sign. It’s the perfect embodiment of “Woke” hypocrisy. Great fun to watch them squirm and be exposed.