MARXISM PAYS! For the elites while the rest of us go under


Barack and Michelle are looking to buy a $14.5 million mansion — a summer retreat — in a hoity-toity haven for far-left rich people — Martha’s Vineyard. It really pays to be one of the elite, but it’s at the expense of the common man.

Barack went from a communist/socialist community organizer to buying mansions. We likely won’t see him in Chicago ever again, with the commoners, except maybe to visit his monument to himself. His presidential whatever will train mini-Obamas, literally.

Don’t get us wrong here at the Sentinel. We love to see people succeed, just not on Marxist polices. We wish him well and are happy he can live an opulent lifestyle, but he did it inculcating Marxism into the government, filling up agencies with the like-minded, and politicizing everything he could. Then-president Obama probably knew about and possibly led the coup against the President. Certainly, he rationalized his anti-rule of law behavior which was consistent throughout his presidency.

Obama is the opposite of the President. The former resident of Chicago who lived in a mere $2 million home has jet-setted throughout the world since leaving the White House. Trump, on the other hand, left his fantasy lifestyle to be pilloried, lose money, and work for nothing to help keep America free.

The woman who was only proud to be American one time now lives the life of royalty, beloved by fawning globalists everywhere.

According to the Daily Mail, Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly trying to buy a sprawling estate in Martha’s Vineyard from Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck. It has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms inside the 7000sqft main residence.

Outside the main house, there are 29 beachfront acres, a pool, chef’s kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and two guest wings.

Ah yes, how nice to be Obama and not Trump who just donated his recent paycheck to the Department of the Interior while people like Barack shout to the rooftops that they want to pay more, but don’t. To be fair, Obama pays taxes, but shouldn’t he be redistributing his wealth more? Doesn’t he have too much money?

So, good luck Barack and Michelle, have fun, but please stop destroying the right.

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