Marxist Currency Nominee Was Once Arrested for Theft


The White House continues to stand by their radical communist Moscow U graduate Saule Omarova. She is the nominee to take over as comptroller of the currency. We now find out that in 1996, she was arrested for retail theft and got the charges dismissed.

You’d think they could get someone better for the comptroller of the currency. She has called the agency she will run, the “a$$hole agency.”

She is not just a Marxist who writes about Marxism and Lenin, she wants to end all banking as we know it and put all banks under one central bank — the Federal Reserve.

Her other goal is to see the end of all fossil fuels.

Who recommended her? President Xi?

Biden and Democrats stand behind her – of course, they do. If you tell the truth about her, Senate Banking Committee Chair Sherrod Brown will say you are smearing her.

The administration said the theft is not a problem since she was honest about it. These people want a communist in charge of our banks. It’s a problem.

She’s considered a historic nominee. We agree but probably not for the same reason.

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Chuck Fina
Chuck Fina
2 years ago

Did they get her thesis yet?
Putin could probably help if there is any stonewalling about comrade kommissarina Omarova.
Did the CCP order her appointment to the ass puppet Brandon?
Amateur parasite dependents better get it while they can before the professional parasites wipe it all out by design.
You can’t have a cashless social credit score society if the dollar has any value left in it.

2 years ago

Just another commie, bidens push to bring socialism and communism to control Americans. Too be bad 50 percent of Americans are stupid enough to support this . We’re in a fight for our liberty and freedom. We must eliminate this takeover.