Marxist guest tells MSNBC audience Trump supporters are “maggots”


While on MSNBC on Wednesday, unhinged Marxist Eric Dyson went all-in on Alinsky in dehumanizing Trump supporters.

“I agree with brother Tim [Miller of The Bulwark] in speaking about, you know, the maggots — I’m sorry, the MAGA,” Dyson said. “That is so corrosive in this, you know, political moment.”

He went to Princeton to become so eloquent.

Dyson went on a rip about “mediocre, mealy-mouthed white men” who allegedly don’t understand Critical Race Theory. Actually, the problem is they do. He praises minorities and LGBTs but demonizes white men. He’s just a tad racist.

He is using hate, actually calling it love, to put down everyone on the right. Dyson also claimed the white guys are “flubbing it,” meaning everything.

The white guys gave them a free and wealthy country, one that provided the most people with the most opportunity and wealth. His Princeton education was lacking.

He’s also a liar. No one on the right is turning on the courageous and beloved military. We are criticizing Milley, and Marxist ideology being forced on the military.

Watch the video by Kyle Becker:

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