Hillary Says Trump’s USA Is Like Authoritarian Hungary & Poland


Hillary compared the Trump United States with ‘authoritarian’ Hungary during a speech at Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland on Wednesday.

She thinks Hungary and Poland are authoritarian governments. Hungary has a Parliamentary government similar to England. Poland has a representative democracy. Hillary wants to make us into Socialists. She will never call the USA a Republic or Constitutional Republic, it’s always a democracy to her.

The reason she hates Hungary and Poland is because they won’t adopt open borders policies.

Hillary has always been an Alinksy Marxist or Stalinist. Beware of her.

She noted that Freedom House keeps track of this but they are biased left and it corrupts their work.

Clinton continued: “Last month, the European Parliament initiated an Article 7 disciplinary process against Hungary’s right-wing nationalist government for failing to respect human rights, and the rule of law, and for attacking the independence of the judiciary, civil society, and academia.”

“Similar stories are unfolding in Poland, and too many other places – including in my own country,” Clinton said.

She sounds deliberate and hateful in this clip to us. Please tell us what you think.

Don’t forget, tell us what you think – please.

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