Marxist SOS Blinken Makes Diversity a Priority After Destroying Afghanistan


State Department officials are developing a “precept on diversity and inclusion” for the foreign service promotion process. The Marxists say the diplomatic corps isn’t diverse enough. By that, they mean that they want more Marxist minorities and women. They are diverse or inclusive enough to include the right-wing — half the country.

The Blinken State Department has become known for promoting a “woke” cultural agenda.

The department also announced its first nonbinary gender passports on Tuesday and celebrated International Pronouns Day on Twitter earlier this month.

The country is falling apart and he left Afghanistan a complete disaster, but don’t worry, you can have an ‘X’ on your passport for your gender.

These people are crazy.

This is part of his modernization plan. –“The Modernization of American Diplomacy.”

Blinken stated a priority: “We need to do more on diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and equity so that talented people from all walks of life see the State Department as a place where they can belong and they can thrive,” he said at the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, Virginia. “We need to empower employees and create more opportunities for advancement so mid-career professionals don’t have to make painful choices about whether to stay or leave.”

He’s an idiot, and the people calling for this are idiots. It should only be based on merit. If women are underrepresented it’s because there aren’t as many of them – same with minorities. They are going by outcomes, as Marxists do, instead of the best of the applicants.

Antony Blinken is closely aligned with George Soros, the communist who claims he isn’t.

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