Marxists Scream at Jewish Reporter Over ‘Moderate’ Sharia-Compliant Candidate


Jewish reporter Laura Loomer posted the first video to Big League Politics. She was questioning the supporters of a Michigan gubernatorial candidate who is sharia-compliant and a Marxist.

Candidate Abdul el-Sayed’s supporters are Marxists. In the first video, the unhinged Marxist women scream at her and call her names for asking questions.

Watch the unhinged:

Michigan voters will vote in their Primary on August 7, and one of the candidates running to become the next Governor of Michigan is Sharia-compliant Muslim Abdul. He is also very far-left.

El Sayed is a Democrat Socialist [Communist].

While El-Sayed is third in the polls, it hasn’t kept the Democrats and their activists, including Democrat Socialists [Communists] Linda Sarsour, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from vigorously campaigning for him.

Two leftists:

Linda Sarsour is Sharia-compliant and a supporter of Hamas.

Dr. El-Sayed is not always honest. For example, he is not licensed to practice medicine in Michigan although he suggests otherwise.

He is not only a Sharia-compliant Muslim, but he is a Democrat Socialist. He is running on a Marxist political platform as a self-proclaimed “justice Democrat”. Justice Democrats receive heavy support from George Soros’s Media Consortium.

Some of the campaign talking points El-Sayed is campaigning on include socialized healthcare, legalization of Marijuana, free college tuition, abortion, opposition to fossil fuels, pro-illegal immigration, and anti-Israel foreign policy.

If elected Governor, El-Sayed has vowed to abolish ICE. He will make Michigan a Sanctuary state where illegal immigrants are protected from deportation. They will be immune to the actions of law enforcement agencies.


He becomes unhinged if anyone tries to criticize political Sharia law which is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution. He accuses people of racism and Islamophobia if anyone dares mention it.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and his fellow gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck called them out.

Colbeck, speaking at a candidate’s forum in East Lansing, expressed his concerns about Sharia law and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’s tactic of civilization jihad.

Colbeck took exception with an article he says was planted by Sayed supporters in the left-of-center website Buzzfeed,  which painted Colbeck as a fringe extremist using “unfounded conspiracy theories” against Sayed.

Rather than address Colbeck’s concerns, Sayed called Colbeck a racist Islamophobe whom Muslims “definitely hate.”


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