Maryland Gov. Moore Blanket Pardons 175K ‘Cannabis’ Criminals


Maryland Gov. Wes Moore on Monday signed an executive order blanket pardoning more than 175,000 marijuana convictions, the governor’s office said.

The pardons include more than 150,000 misdemeanor convictions for simple possession of cannabis and more than 18,000 misdemeanor convictions for use or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia, his office said.

The governor’s office said the pardons reflect the number of convictions, with some individuals having more than one conviction pardoned through the executive order.

The executive order makes Maryland the first state in the U.S. to issue mass pardons on cannabis paraphernalia-related convictions, the governor’s office said. Pot is legal in Maryland.

It’s All Legal

“We cannot celebrate the benefits of legalization if we do not address consequences of criminalization,” Moore said in remarks announcing the executive order on Monday. “So, I want to be clear: When it comes to cannabis, rolling out one of the best and most equitable legal markets in the country is incredibly important. But that roll-out must go hand-in-hand with pardoning past conduct, and Maryland is going to lead by example.”

The problem with everything he is doing here is these misdemeanors were pleaded down. Most of the time, the people arrested are dealers, and they will sell to children. No one is just arrested for pot. This is how police catch dealers.

Moore’s administration said in a statement that it “is committed to promoting social equity and ensuring the fair and equitable administration of justice. Because the use and possession of cannabis is no longer illegal in the state, Marylanders should not continue to face barriers to housing, employment, or educational opportunities based on convictions for conduct that is no longer illegal.”

Black youth commit nearly half the homicides in the US, even though they are only 13% of the population.

Go Easy on Drugs and Gateway Drugs

Trying to help the youth sounds good, except making drugs, even pot, more accessible is not going to help the poverty and misery in black areas. Wes Moore claims it’s society’s fault. He also blames the police.

On the positive side, he wants to address the root causes of crime among black youth, but then, on the bad side, when does he emphasize the root problem of gangs or bad parenting?

A sample of Wes Moore’s thinking:

It’s never the fault of Democrat-controlled politics. It’s always the white man’s fault, but not the Democrat white man.

In the clip above, he brings up Michael Brown, who was raised badly and became a hood attacking a police officer. He looks at Freddy Gray and his problems.

Instead of blaming white people or the police for keeping black people down in Democrat cities, let’s talk about all the illegal ‘migrants’ coming in to take their place and take the money that could be used to improve their schools.

Let’s also talk about the money meant for the poor that gets pocketed by the corrupt officials they elect and the racism they hold against whites.

In fairness, Moore has said we need tighter control of the borders, but he generally agrees with Biden’s policies.

Blanket pardons to 175,000 people – what could go wrong?

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