The Trump-Biden Debate Rules


CNN will host the debate on June 27 in Atlanta. 

The moderators will be Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. They hate Trump and CNN only employs Trump haters. The Trump campaign agreed to the choices. 

The debate rules and format have been finalized and agreed to. 

The 90-minute debate will include two commercial breaks, according to the network, and campaign staff may not interact with their candidate during that time.

Both candidates agreed to appear at a uniform podium, and podium positions will be decided by a coin flip.

Microphones will be muted throughout the debate except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak. While no props or pre-written notes will be allowed on the stage, candidates will be given a pen, a pad of paper, and a bottle of water.

The Biden campaign wanted the candidates to sit at a table, but the Trump campaign would not agree to that.

Commercial breaks are somewhat unusual but the main change is that there will not be a live audience. That means no real-time reactions as the debate plays out. 

The staff will not be interacting with the candidates during commercial breaks. That means Biden will allegedly answer questions that we assume have not been pre-approved by this campaign. No notes are allowed. 

The microphone being cut when it is not a candidate’s turn to speak is aggressive, neither will be able to interrupt.

No audience could be good. It will make what they say more important. Biden pushes communism and Trump pushes freedom. Biden is America last and Trump is America first. Biden is stupid and Trump has incredible common sense.

Other candidates probably won’t make it to the stage. Neither candidate wants them. The can’t win and they only distract from the two who can.

The media will declare Joe the winner as long as he makes it on and off the stage and stands for 90 minutes.

At least Trump won’t have nasty Chris Christie prepping him this time.

Biden will have ten days of preparation at Camp David and with the drugs they pump into him, he will be nasty and aggressive like he was in the Paul Ryan debate. Democrats and Trump haters will love it. If Trump is presidential, he will win over the people who don’t want to be Marxists.

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