Mass Insanity Is Destroying Papa John and the Company He Founded


After the founder of Papa John’s blamed the NFL protests for the company’s falling sales last year, the firm followed up by telling racists not to buy their pizza. They meant well, but it was a blunder. Caving is always a blunder in the end but the company was scared.

Papa John’s had been the official pizza of the NFL. The pro-Kaepernick, Communist left then called Papa John’s a business for the alt-right.

After this incident, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, who is, unforgivably for some, on the political right, used the ‘n’ word to make a point in a conference call. He did not use it as a racial slur, but he said the whole word. It offended someone(s).
For that and a few other seemingly innocuous comments, he was pushed out of Papa John’s, the company he founded. The Fascists aren’t content with the solution. They are now claiming he let male employees say inappropriate things to women. Someone always digs up some offense against women.
The company’s stock is being negatively affected as the Board ungallantly fights the Tsunami of leftist revenge by caving.

Schnatter admits he used the ‘n’ word in a conference call. He also says he did not use it as a pejorative. That doesn’t matter any longer, the Fascists say whites can’t use the word in any context. The Board asked him to resign and he did.

Schnatter confirmed the incident in an emailed statement to Forbes. He resigned as chairman of Papa John’s mid-July.


In a May role-playing call meant to train him to not say the wrong things after his NFL-Anthem comments, he said Colonel Sanders called blacks  ‘n…..s’  and never suffered backlash. Schnatter also described Indiana many years ago, when people tied blacks to the backs of cars and drag them until they died.

His comments were meant to downplay what he said about the NFL protests.

Schnatter also said he refused to work with Kanye West because “he uses the ‘N’ word in his lyrics”. It was later on the call that Schnatter said he used the actual word when pressed whether or not he was a racist.

Schnatter told the board. “Let me be very clear: I never used the “N” word in that meeting as a racial epithet, nor would I ever.

That is what led to him being forced to resign. He acknowledged the comments, resigned as Chairman, and apologized.

You don’t have to make a racist comment any longer, you just have to talk about race in a way the offends someone and you will be destroyed, even if it’s a factual accounting of history or events.


The politically correct left smells blood in the water. He criticized the NFL’s anti-American protests and he’s on the political right, therefore, he must be destroyed, and his company too.

The media wants his friends and top executives destroyed too.

Much of this is fomented by the media. Forbes now claims — after interviewing anonymous former and current staffers — male employees made crude comments without consequence and executives were rewarded if they had personal ties to Schnatter. The left-wing Forbes claims there is a “toxic” frat culture at Papa John’s.

This is not the age of men, especially not white men or men who are masculine. That’s all wrapped up as ‘toxic’.

Schnatter’s spokesperson said the story has “numerous inaccuracies and misrepresentations.”

Nevertheless, as a result of the Forbes report, Papa John’s felt they had to hire a firm to audit its practices and culture. It is all based on the gossip reported to the newspaper at this point. You don’t have to be guilty. Offended, anonymous people just have to say you are. There has been no trial, no conviction. The media gets away with reporting the gossip and destroying people with it.


John Schnatter owns about 30 percent of Papa John’s, and his stake, worth $622 million before the bad publicity is now worth under $500 million.

The Papa John’s founder has even lost his office. A special committee of the board of directors “approved and directed the company to terminate a sublease agreement granting Mr. Schnatter the right to use certain office space at the company’s corporate headquarters,” the company said in a statement released late Friday.

The company asked Schnatter to not talk with the media and they ended their “Founder Agreement” that left him as the image and spokesman for the brand.


This all began with Papa John comment about the NFL Anthem protests.

We used to have free speech, but no longer.

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