Mass Non-White Supremacist Shootings Are Mostly Gang-Related


The media has taken to reporting all gang and black mob killings as mass shootings to further the anti-gun and white supremacist agenda. It’s a challenge to get the race of the shooters when these crimes occur, but if they don’t say they’re white, you know the race.

The media wants the soundbite to give Americans the sense that the gun and white supremacists are to blame.

At least 12 people were killed and more than three dozen others were injured in mass shootings in the United States over the weekend. Most were gang-related and were committed by non-white supremacists.

At least three occurred during high school graduation parties, according to Yahoo. They were all involving black shooters and black kids.


Phoenix, Arizona, a 14-year-old girl killed, and 8 others hurt. The Police in Phoenix won’t give out the race of the victims or their IDs. But, we know that this was in North Phoenix, in an African-American neighborhood. It was at a party. 100 people attended the party. 8 others were shot, 1 was killed.

Phoenix is awash with gang violence.


An eruption of violence in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Sunday resulted in 14 people being shot, including two killed, while another person died and two more were injured after they were struck by vehicles fleeing the scene, police chief Celeste Murphy said, adding “several” victims remained in critical condition.

It’s gang related.


In Philadelphia on Saturday, two men and a woman were killed when multiple people opened fire on a crowd at a popular South Street nightlife area. the perpetrators were black and all but one victim was black.

In Philadelphia they have an African American gang problem, a drug gang problem. It’s the same in Chicago, in New York, in L.A., although there are some Hispanic gangs in L.A, doing the same thing. We’re importing more of them with our open borders. We too can be Mexico. The shootings were gang-related.


In Saginaw, Michigan, three people were killed and two others wounded in a shooting on Sunday, according to CBS. Saginaw has a gang problem. The victims in this shooting during a flash mob encounter are Hispanic non-white supremacists. No arrests, no suspects.  No description of the shooters. When you hear that, you know they’re not white.

Saginaw shooting on non-white supremacists.



Summerton, South Carolina- 1 killed, 7 injured. The person killed is African American, 32 year old Audrionna Kind. No suspects. No description of suspects. Cops won’t give out anything. They know, but they won’t tell the media the ethnicity of the alleged gunman, because they don’t want to be called racist. If the shooter was white, you’d know right away.


The horrific shooting in Buffalo was by a leftist white supremacist teen and in Uvalde by a Hispanic teen. They were both madmen. We treated these separately in several posts.

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