Don’t Feed Unborn Infants PEG – Pfizer Failed to Mention It



There’s more here to report on the Pfizer dump of documents that the media is ignoring, and this one concerns polyethylene glycol (PEG). One of our reports via Jesse Kelly addressed the deaths of the unborn as an adverse effect of the Pfizer vaccine. But we didn’t put enough emphasis on PEG. Pfizer knew about the problems with PEG in the vaccine and ignored it. Corporations and governments then mandated the vaccine for all employees with few exceptions.

Dr. Naomi Wolf wanted to know what was in the Pfizer document dump. They needed experts to interpret it but the media isn’t interested.

The 55,000 documents that Pfizer wanted closeted for 75 years were released but they require scientific analysis. Ms. Wolf and Mr. Bannon called out for experts to look into them and they got them. They are reading through them and they are shocking.

Pfizer has committed “an experiment on the human race” with “murderous outcomes” and the government – the FDA – knew.

As we said before, they knew the vaccines didn’t work. [The disease was already waning].


The point I want to make here is to emphasize the problem of PEG and spike proteins.

The lipid nanoparticles and spike proteins do not stay in the Deltoid injection site and Pfizer knew. These particles and proteins go into the bloodstream within hours and lodge in the liver, heart, adrenals, lymph nodes, and ovaries. Now children are having liver problems. Pfizer ‘lost’ key records on one study. They knew of the 42,000 adverse events and they knew about baby deaths.

Pfizer knew in May, 2021, that 35 teens had heart damage after the vax. Parents of millions of teens didn’t find out for four months.

The safety of the vax for pregnant women was only decided after a study of 44 French rats. Pregnant women were never studied. Some babies are getting sick and dying from vaxxed mothers. An Israeli journalist looked at Scotland, Israel, and Canada and found that there is a baby die-off. One of the reasons why is lipid nanoparticles are zooming around your body and traverse the amniotic membrane and getting into the fluid where the body lives. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is in the vaccine. PEG is in the blood in breast milk and babies are ingesting it. You’re not supposed to ingest PEG. It’s a petroleum product.



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