Mass shootings that don’t matter much to the national media


Have you noticed that some mass shootings don’t matter to the Democrat media? They don’t fit the narrative because they involved gang-related minorities.

For example, there was a mass shooting in LA with five young victims. Everyone is alive right now but the shooter is still loose.

This took place at a Harbor Gateway warehouse. It is believed to be gang-related. There isn’t much notice in the national media.

This past weekend, there was a mass shooting in D.C. with 21 people shot and one dead. It too was mostly gang-related. That too wasn’t described as a mass shooting, although the Chicago mayor tried to blame guns and the President for her lack of law enforcement which led to looting this past weekend.

According to WaPo, “D.C. officials have attributed some of the killings to disputes involving neighborhood crews and gangs and between people who know each other.”

Some were innocent bystanders like an 11-year-old boy.

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