Massive Exploitation of Gender Clinics


Alix Aharon of GenderMapper breaks down the massive exploitation of gender clinics [Metoidioplasty]. “It takes two implants and stuffs them in the body of a woman so she can kind of feel like she has testicles…they’ll take 200 thousand dollars for this.”

Emiliann Lorenzen interviewed Alix Aharon, who runs the Gender Mapping Project and is the co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care.

They discuss the project, the medicalization of trans-identified people, and transgenderism’s link to pornography.


Here is a sample of the abuse:

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Real Tree Ninjas
Real Tree Ninjas
4 months ago

Local hospital had one of these clinics on the adult primary care floor and it was moved after some complaints and awkward interactions with mockers, the mockers were all demographics.
It is all part of the Satanic-Marxist inversion of the Long March and it will be pushed no matter how badly it is disliked because it is must have for the globalist cult.

O/T-Breaking-NEA and Cardona asked social media to remove any anti-CRT posts back in October. (h/t-NF)